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What is HCG?

HCG is a glycoprotein hormone, normally secreted by trophoblastic cells of the placenta. It consists of two dissimilar, separately but coordinately translated chains called the Alfa and beta subunits. The three pituitary hormones LH (Luteinizing Hormone) are closely related to HCG in that all four are glycosylated and have a dimeric structure comprising an Alpha and Beta chain as well. When it was discovered by Ascheim and Zondek by 1927 they found out that HCG matured the infantile sex glands of experimental animals, and it was secreted by the human placenta. From there it’s denomination: Chorionic Gonadotrophin. However, recent data suggest that both terms can be quite misleading: normal human tissues plasma from non pregnant subjects, trophoblastic and non-trophoblastic tumors, bacteria and plants express HCG or an hCG - like material.

1st use of HCG Program for Weight Loss Diet Plan for Obesity

The first report on the use of HCG Program for Weight Loss Diet Plan for the management of obesity was published in 1954 by the late Dr. A.T.W. Simeons, a British endocrinologist, practicing at the Ospedale Salvatori Mundii in Rome. Working in India, he noticed that the so-called "fat boys," who showed Adiposogenital dystrophy improved their undescended testis when they were treated with HCG. But he also observed that body fat distribution modified during the treatment course. Therefore he hypothesized that if those children were concomitantly submitted to a very Hypo caloric diet they could reduce their body weight, consuming the "fat on the move".

Dr. A.T.W. Simeons also realized that some of the pregnant women in India were themselves quite malnourished, but were still able to have healthy babies. This helped Dr. Simeons understand how HCG (which influences the Hypothalamus within the brain) is released during pregnancy, and how it makes the body use up the fat reserves of the body without having any affect on muscle. Dr. Simeons then used this technique to come up with a HCG protocol or HCG Program for Weight Loss Diet Plan which involved administration of small quantities of HCG for a specific amount of time along with a low calorie diet. The idea was to basically make the hypothalamus use up the excess stored up body fat when the body is on a low calorie diet, with the help of small doses of HCG. This makes the body burn excess fat for energy and results in weight loss at a fast and steady rate. Its primary utility is to provide nourishment to the fetus by burning the fat content from the mother's body.

Later on, he extended his investigations to patients showing different degrees of obesity, and concluded that HCG Program for Weight Loss Diet Plan might be useful for the treatment of obesity because patients tolerated a Very Low Calorie Diet without suffering headaches irritability, weakness, so common to this approach for weight reduction. Maintenance period after treatment was more effective when compared with simple dietetic procedures. Weight reductions were more satisfactory than those obtained with Standard Hypo caloric Diets Patients lost more body fat (measured in centimeters) from those regions where adipose tissue accumulations were more conspicuous.

He hypothesized that HCG used in the HCG Program for Weight Loss Diet Plan acted at diencephalic level, modulating hypothalamic regulatory Centers, which were in turn responsible for the excessive fat accumulation as seen in obesity. This preliminary communication was followed by a myriad of reports, some of them favoring the use of HCG, and others criticizing the procedure. After the first report on HCG use for obesity treatment, an innumerable amount Physicians all over the world visited Dr. Simeons in Italy, to learn from firsthand the HCG original protocol.

Proposed mechanisms of action of HCG Program for Weight Loss Diet Plan for Obesity management

1) HCG displays a metabolic action on adipose tissue metabolism

HCG has been reported to exert its actions on gonadal as well as non gonadal tissues: sarcoma, asthma, psychoses, artheriopaties, thalassemia, osteopenia, alcoholism, glaucoma. This makes it obvious that it is more than simply being a sex hormone. Available data would indicate that HCG might also improve lypolysis in human adipose tissue, via an inhibitory effect on lipogenesis.

2) Adipose tissue metabolism in HCG Program for Weight Loss Diet Plan

Fleigelman concluded that the administration of HCG in rats decreased the activity of alfa-glycerophosphate dehydrogenase and glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase from the liver and adipose tissue, suggesting a decreased lipogenic activity in both tissues under HCG. Yanagihara reported that HCG accelerates "not only the mobilization of fat from fat deposits, but also its utilization in peripheral tissues. HCG increased the metabolism of injected fat emulsions, suggesting the acceleration not only of fat oxidation, but also increased ketone production in the liver and its utilization in peripheral tissues".Romer reported that HCG intensifies the metabolism of rat brown adipose tissue. Administration of HCG to humans appears to increase the release of fatty acids that varies with the age of the subject. Melichar demonstrated that HCG causes a marked FFA release in newborn infants. In adults, a single dose of HCG caused a marked FFA release by p > 0.05 when compared to placebo-treated subjects. Consequently the

hypothesis is that HCG might act upon adipose tissue metabolism through some mediators secreted at hypothalamic level.

3) The diencephalic region and HCG Program for Weight Loss Diet Plan

One of the most valuable hypotheses on the genesis of obesity sustains that the basic metabolic disorder lies in the hypothalamic region. The organ more frequently incriminated in the genesis of fat accumulation seems to be the hypothalamus. A considerable body of evidences points in that direction. Interestingly, exogenous administered HCG accumulates in hypothalamic region, particularly in Ventromedial and Lateral Hypothalamus. It is not therefore unreasonable to suppose that the target organ for HCG metabolic actions might be the diencephalon. hCG may act at diencephalic level, probably modifying some neuropeptide metabolic pathways, which in turn act whether on Ventromedial or Lateral hypothalamic Nucleus, or via Hypothalamus hypophysis.

Original protocol of HCG Program for Weight Loss Diet Plan

According to Dr. Simeon’s protocol of HCG Program for Weight Loss Diet Plan taking small daily doses of HCG (approx. 125 IU to 200 IU) can result in weight loss of 1 lb per day, and often more, when accompanied by a low calorie diet of approximately 500 calories. Research on HCG Program for Weight Loss Diet Plan has suggested that it can be a great protocol to reduce obesity. HCG Program for Weight Loss Diet Plan has emerged as a powerful tool within the realms of weight loss, obesity, metabolic syndrome, and the best part is that HCG Program for Weight Loss Diet Plan is that it is easy to start, maintain, and leave. So for those who are want to maintain ideal body weight and shed the excess weight and fat, HCG Program for Weight Loss Diet Plan is a perfect solution.

Rebirth of HCG Program for Weight Loss Diet Plan

Dr. Simeons theorized that HCG distributed stored fat and helped the body to metabolize fat. However, although HCG became a rage during the late 1950's and 1960's, HCG for weight loss gradually lost popularity until its uses in weight loss were revived in 2007 by an infomercial and highly acclaimed book by Kevin Trudeau called " The Weight Loss Cure They Don't Want You to Know About ". Mr. Trudeau has given in detail the wide scale applicability and impact that HCG can have on the global pandemic and burning issue of obesity.